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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Scandal MP Hancock Must Resign, Says Clegg

Thursday 19th June 2014

The MP who was forced to apologise for inappropriate sexual advances must resign from the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg told LBC.

The Deputy Prime Minister told Call Clegg that Mike Hancock's behaviour was "totally and utterly out of order".

'Annie', the woman who got the apology from Mr Hancock, condemned Mr Clegg for ignoring her claims for more than four years.

But he told LBC that he never got the letters she wrote to him.

"Unfortunately, and it is very, very unfortunate and it frankly angered me when I discovered this, the letters that that lady had sent back in 2011 simply didn't reach me," Nick Clegg explained.

"I can only react to thing that are put before me and when, in early 2013, specific allegations were brought to my attention, because the court proceedings were then underway, I acted very quickly, got it looked into and within a matter of weeks Mike Hancock was no longer an MP for the Liberal Democrats and, as you know, subsequently was suspended."

Nick Clegg said that he felt "frustrated" that he did not receive the letter but said was unsure about claims she tried to call him as well.

"I don't sit at a telephone bank but I do accept that a letter was sent back in 2011 which did not reach me. That I do know. I will look into the calls but all I do know is that when I was give specific allegations, early in 2013, I responded as promptly as anyone reasonably could expect I should and Mike Hancock was subsequently suspended as an MP for the Party."

The Lib Dem leader also said that there is no way Mike Hancock can carry on being a part of the Party.

"There are steps to come through but look, he has made an apology, which makes it absolutely clear that the way he behaved was totally and utterly out of order, as he himself has said, crossed the line with a vulnerable constituent. He's caused huge, huge distress. Frankly that has no role in the Liberal Democrats, in the Party I lead.

"The fact that this apology has finally been made after all these years I totally understand that the woman in question is saying why on earth did this not happen earlier but as far as his future is concerned in the Party, he has no future in the Party. He should resign."