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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Primary School Pole Dancing - Is It Right?

Wednesday 18th June 2014

A primary school in Kent has come under fire for allowing pupils to do a pole dancing exhibition.

pole dancing primary school
Image: NewsShopper

Parents were shocked when two 12-year-old girls put on the show at the Crockenhill Primary School Fete last weekend.

One parent complained that pole dancing was not suitable for youngsters and the clothing was inappropriate.

Cat Ledbetter, the owner of Revolutions Pole Academy based who took part in the eight-minute display, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that pole dancing is not inappropriate for children and is similar to gymnastics.

Ms Ledbetter insisted that the hotpants and leggings were appropriate for the display, where they performed to The Lion King, Frozen and Bonnie Tyler.

pole dancing primary school

What do you think? Would you want pole dancing at your childrens' primary school?