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Monday 29th August 2016
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South London Men Jailed For Christmas Party Stabbing

Thursday 7th August 2014

Men jailed for 27 months after Christmas stabbing attack. 


Two South London men are facing jail time for a total of four years and six months after a Christmas stabbing attack left a 25 year old victim in hospital.

Marbri Briscoe, 31 and Junior Mullings, 25 will be in prison for 27 months after being found guilty of inflicting bodily harm. The two were sentenced at the Old Bailey where a jury returned not guilty verdicts on an original charge of attempted murder.

On Christmas Day 2013, Briscoe and Mullings went to a Christmas Party in Peckham where the victim, an acquaintance, was also in attendance. The man’s wife and children were also at the residence where the victim was later stabbed and rushed to hospital.

The argument, which was over a borrowed piece of equipment, quickly turned violent as Briscoe and Mullings placed the victim in a headlock, punched, kicked, and stabbed him 11 times before an ambulance called. The men had been communicating over text messages in days preceding the attack.  

Police were quickly able to locate Briscoe and Mullings, remanding them into police custody and charging them with attempted murder on 26 December.

Officer in the case, Detective Sergeant Iain Smith, said: “This was an incredibly vicious attack - it is difficult to comprehend how a dispute over a piece of equipment could have led to such a distressing outcome and a man with several stab wounds.

“I am satisfied with the result of our investigation and hope that this sentence will send a strong message to anyone thinking to use violence to solve a disagreement; we will do all we can to bring violent and dangerous individual before a court.”