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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Ashya's Notes Delayed By Hospital For Two Weeks

Wednesday 3rd September 2014


The Proton Therapy Centre, where Ashya King's parents want him treated, have told LBC that Southampton General Hospital withheld crucial medical documents for two weeks.

Ashya King mother

Five-year-old Ashya's notes arrived overnight and and the hospital says they are ready to treat him.

LBC's Tom Swarbrick reports: "We now know that the family first contacted the Proton centre in Prague on 20th August, applying for treatment for Ashya.

"A statement from Southampton Hospital yesterday says they had discussed the treatment with the family, but that in their opinion it would have no benefit to Ashya over the standard radiotherapy he was due to receive. But that they would refer him. That referral was on the 20th.

"The Proton Center then requested the medical records from the family, who asked for them from Sothampton Hospital. These are the medical records for Ashya, without which the Proton centre can't start the treatment process.

"When I spoke to Iva Tatonova, Director of Strategy at the Proton Centre yesterday, two weeks after the original request for treatment, the paperwork from Southampton Hospital still hadn't been sent.

"We tried to speak to Sothampton Hospital yesterday to get their side of the story, they never got back to us but I can tell you that the paperwork was sent over in the middle of last night.

"The Proton Centre doctors are meeting now. They have said to me they are very confident they can treat him and will be contacting the family this morning to make preparations to get him to Prague."

Ms Tatonova told LBC: "I don't understand it, why they have been hesitating to give full information and documentation to Ashya's parents.

"I don't understand it as a human being. I don't understand that as I think everyone has the right for the medical documentation.

"We need to provide the best treatment for this little boy. Then let's think of the money afterwards."