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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Spoon Bending FC

Posted by Steve Allen on June 23, 2014 at 06:45AM

Could Uri have been the key to England's World Cup success?
Morning team,
I hope you've had a fantastic weekend. I really enjoyed the In Conversation weekend and I hope you enjoyed it as well, the Osmonds are always such wonderful guests and great people too. Ronnie Corbett was fantastic and it was lovely to meet a hero of mine.
It's Monday morning which can only mean one thing! The week has started and the first podcast of the week is already ready for you to download.
If you have missed the show then you missed some fantastic stories.
Uri Geller is in the news again. He claims he could have improved England's World Cup fortunes if Roy Hodgson had invited him to Brazil to motivate the team. Oh dear, is the same man who claims he can do things after the event has actually happened. I didn't see him piping up before the World Cup started, maybe he could have helped the team but I suppose better footballers would have given the national team a better chance!
Also this morning it's been revealed that music streaming on services such as Spotify is to be included in the singles chart from next month after bosses behind the countdown finalised a deal. Do you stream music? I have to say that I don't. I do watch a lot of Only Boys Aloud on YouTube, and of course my new favourite Josh Groban. Maybe my podcasts could be included in the charts! Imagine that Steve Allen at the top of the charts...unfortunately it will never happen.
Finally Sting has revealed his children will not inherit his 180million fortune - and told of his fear that his riches are "albatrosses round their necks". Surely Sting can find better things to do with his money, how about donating a few million to the 'Steve Allen Trust' - I'll make sure I send over my bank account details to my favourite Geordie songsmith later on today, alternatively he could just donate his Mayfair house to me.
Until tomorrow