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Friday 26th August 2016
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Hot Hot Hot

Posted by Steve Allen on July 24, 2014 at 06:42AM

...and that's not just my listening figures! It's still bloomin' hot
Morning team,

I hope you're well. Steve here, and it's still very hot. I hate to have to report it to you but it's very hot and I really hate it. Don't worry though as I'm still here, I haven't missed a show although it's really annoying me.

Something else that is annoying me is health advice that doesn't seem to add up. I say this as it's thought paracetamol may not actually help lower back pain - despite being the recommended treatment for it. Luckily I haven't got a bad back, it's the other ailments that I'm worried about.

Oh and I must tell you about a project that's been launched - to get people to help identify remains from the First World War yet to be dug up. English Heritage's put 95-thousand photos into an online archive - which it wants us to tag. It could be really useful for your own family tree, or history.

Also experts have come up with the formula for what they say is the ideal family day out. Sunshine, the beach, and a trip to the fairground, were all important factors to parents and children questioned in a poll. The perfect trip also involved laughter, cuddles and kisses.

It sounds like a Steve Allen show.

Until tomorrow,