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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Spandau at the Stadthalle

Posted by Steve Allen on August 05, 2014 at 06:49AM

Best gig of my life? Maybe...
Morning team!

I hope life is treating you well. It's Tuesday, or is it Monday? No it's definitely Tuesday. Last week whizzed by, whilst it all seems a bit more sedate this week. 

The big story in the news is that Katie Price, the glamour model has just won herself an impressive 30,000.....oh wait NO she's had a baby. A girl who will probably earn her mother at least 30,000!
She gave birth to a baby girl two weeks early this afternoon, despite booking into a private hospital for a planned C-section on August 15, according to reports. It's a shame that she didn't give birth when planned, I guess that's an ITV2 special that's just been scrapped!

A social media expert has been ridiculed online. He told his 400+ followers on Twitter that he was conducting an interview on TV yesterday morning about how to be safe online.
One of his tips was to not post your whereabouts on Twitter. Uh oh! Is this the behaviour of a so called expert? No, because everyone seems to be experts nowadays. They seem to have devalued the word. It's almost like the word celebrity, but we'll save that tale for my book.

Spandau Ballet are back and releasing a new album, their first for 25 years! I've seen them live in Vienna in a place called the Stadthalle. They are a great band, but we all thought they'd never reunite after their legal battle. I do hope the new album features a lot of new music; no one wants to hear a cover album. Let's leave that for the X Factor.

Enjoy Tuesday team,