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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Stay Safe in the Snow

Posted by Steve Allen on January 11, 2013 at 07:17AM

It's gonna snow so look after yourself this weekend!


Friday, thank God for that we finally made it. The weekend is nearly upon us but unfortunately the weather forecast is predicting bucketloads of snow. A fair blanket will hit the UK, so make sure that you stay safe. Iím making sure that I donít go anywhere except for a little venture out to the shops today to get some food for my cupbaords.

Les Miserable comes out in the UK cinemas this week and I cannot wait for it. I love the stage show and the trailers are looking phenomenol. I have a lot of memorabilia for the show too, posters, t-shirts etc. You name it, I probably have it. The show is currently on at the Queens theatre which is about a 5 minute walk near us at Leicester Sq Ė So if you can make it safely to a cinema this weekend, then go and see it but donít risk your life as Iím sure it will have a fair run on our screens.

We mentioned Hannah Hauxwell today who lived alone on her farm and was a bit of a hoarder, during the show we learnt that she is still alive and well and finally looking her age. A great show she had over thirty years ago, and itís great news that sheís still with us.

So I hope you enjoy your weekend, remember you can listen to my best bits from the week on Sunday at 5am and my In Conversation With, which has two interviews with Rhod Gilbert and Rupert Everett this week. The podcasts are both online now so make sure you get a hold of them and remember to follow me on twitter @SteveAllenShow.

Have a marvellous weekend and stay safe.