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Monday 29th August 2016
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Another One Bites the Dust

Posted by Steve Allen on January 15, 2013 at 07:05AM

Goodbye HMV - It's been fun
Morning Team!

Steve Allen here on a very cold Tuesday morning minus the snow from yesterday. The unofficial snow watch is seemingly over for another year although our very own Andy McColl has been graciously taking the snow of off people's windscreens for them or so I thought as he mentioned it in our travel bulletins throughout the show today.

The big news that I woke up to this morning was about HMV who are about to enter administration and you know I could of told you that, that would have happened. I really could have told you that! When I worked in the service industry the customer was king, but no... not for HMV, they didn't care about the customers - One person serving a queue of twenty. I've walked out many times, unfortunately that is the way of the high street now. It's about the money and not the records and unfortunately both approaches failed. Some staff were great and I do feel sorry for them, but I can't be giving my money to people who I don't think deserve it. HMV may be going, and I have a feeling we may loose two more from the highstreet by the time we approach February.

Unfortunataly I don't even think that there will be a high street left when I leave this earth, it's a shame but as I've said before 'that's the way of the world' right now.
We also found out about some famous Canadians today - We talked of Pammy Anderson, Celine Dion and my favourite Michael Buble. Who'd have known that so many famous faces would have come from America's little neighbour. 
Stay safe and stay warm.

Let's do it all again tomorrow at 4am