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Monday 29th August 2016
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Back Again

Posted by Steve Allen on May 14, 2014 at 06:42AM

A quick day off
Morning team,
I'm back! Did you miss me? Only the way day off but boy did I need it? I didn't get out of bed until 9am yesterday and slept all the way through Olly Mann covering my show. I hope you enjoyed it. The awards ceremony was very fun, lots of alcohol and nice food too....oh and LBC did very well which is great news.
We had fun on the show today, we even found out the meaning of the expression 'old bag'! It was lovely to be back as I missed bringing you the front pages yesterday morning,
Only a few stories are good enough to grace the blog this morning:
I can't believe that thieves have targeted Peaches Geldof's house, not once but TWICE. It's really despicable and deplorable. I hope the thieves are found and sent down for a long time.
We also spoke about sunbeds as MPs are calling for unmanned tanning salons to be banned in England. Sunbeds which people can use without supervision have already been outlawed in Scotland and Wales - over fears they may increase the risk of skin cancer.
I've never used but can't believe that you can use them unmanned and unstaffed? Surely it must be some sort of hazard, it's strange.

Until tomorrow
Have a great day team