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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Bank Holiday Hangover

Posted by Steve Allen on May 29, 2014 at 06:51AM

Is it Thursday? Or Wednesday? Who knows
Morning team,

Steve Allen here. We've finally reached Thursday, so only one more day until the weekend!
It's been a tiny week for some of you, as many had Monday off for the Bank Holiday...I didn't but I'm still struggling to remember what day it is.
I hope you enjoyed the dentist noises this morning, and for some who actually are visiting the dentist today then I can only apologise. BUZZZZ!
We had some new Joey Essex news today as speculation is rife that he could be the next host of The Xtra Factor. The Sun newspaper says he's been screen-tested as producers look at their options for who'll front the show. I think people have forgotten that it's a live show and unlike Susanna Reid I think Mr Essex will struggle with his autocue.
We also spoke about British director Ken Loach this morning as he says he hasn't yet made his mind up about whether to retire.
He's 77 and will decide during the football World Cup, you'd think the football would definately put him on the path to employment again!
Finally it's being suggested even the most experienced motorists might struggle to pass their driving test if they took it now.
Would I pass again? I think so, but you never know
Until tomorrow,