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Saturday 27th August 2016
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The Awkward Moment Roger Lord Found Out He Wasn't Ukip's Clacton Candidate

Friday 29th August 2014

This is the awkward moment that Roger Lord heard he has the Ukip candidate for Clacton.


Speaking to John Stapleton on LBC, Mr Lord admitted Mr Carswell's defection in Clacton was "a complete surprise to me" following the news he's being replaced as the Clacton candidate for UKIP.

But after criticising Douglas Carswell, the man who has seemingly gazumped him, says he'll fight on and challenge the defecting MP for the nomination for the by-election.

farage carswell

This morning on LBC, Nigel Farage said he was offering Mr Lord a different seat, telling Nick Ferrari: "Roger is a very, very  good egg.

"Before Carswell made the switch, I did some market polling in this consituency, which showed that even though Roger Lord would have got a lot of votes next year, he would not have beaten Douglas Carswell.

"Roger, having put in 17 years of good work, is feeling a bit sore.

"I'm going to tell him that a Carswell victory puts the whole of Essex up for grabs and there is a vacancy in a neighbouring constituency - Harwich and North Essex - and if he puts his name down, he does so with my full endorsement."

Lord Ukip

LBC's Political Correspondent Theo Usherwood said: "On the promenade above the pier, Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell were staging their photo call.

"Yards away, in the car park by Clacton Pier, Roger Lord was with a Ukip agent called Lisa, who it's understood was trying to persuade him to take the deal offered by Mr Farage to stand in Harwich and North Essex.

"Earlier this morning, Mr Lord told me he did not want to be used as a pawn, claiming nobody had consulted him about the possibility of being moved to another seat.

"At the time of writing, we're still trying to persuade him to come on LBC."