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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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The Gadget Guru's Best New Apps 2011

LBC's Gadget Guru Darren Tossell picks out his favourite new apps of 2011 for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone.

Best Apps of the year so far...

angry-birds-rio.jpg Angry Birds Rio
The hugely successful and highly addictive game enjoys a new lease of life with yet another chapter of feather flying madness! Created by the Finnish firm Rovio especially for the film, (yes there is an Angry Birds film on the way!) the game follows animal smugglers kidnapping the Angry Birds, who escape and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel, the macaws costarring in Rio.
Android and iPhone/iPad Prices vary.
imovie.jpg iMovie for iPad 2
Apple have created an awesome piece of software to use on the new iPad. Using it’s multi touch screen, editing movies created on your phone, camera or iPad can now done with your fingertips and then uploaded to you website and an array of social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. With incredibly flexible audio options, video transitions and special effects, film editing for everyone is now available at the end of your finger tips.
double-twist-sync.jpg Double Twist Air
This great little app allows you to sync your iTunes library with your Android Phone wirelessly. As you add new music to your library, it automatically updates your phone without the need for connecting it via wires.  Double Twist also lets you play media from your phone via your media servers including Playstation 3 and XBox.
Android only £3.10
garageband-for-ipad.jpg Garageband for iPad
The world’s most popular music creation software is now available for the iPad. With its eight track recording facility, drum machines, keyboards and royalty free music loops, the ability to make music is now incredibly simple and will no doubt encourage a new generation of music makers to experiment with this ingenious software. Whereas once you’d need to spend thousand of pounds on equipment and programmes, anyone with an iPad can start making music with an app that costs
mega-jump.jpg Mega Jump
Another incredibly addictive game where you simply jump and collect coins. Daft but compelling!
Android and iPhone. Free.
firefox.jpg Firefox
The incredibly successful Firefox browser is now available on Android phones and syncs perfectly with Firefox 4 on your Mac or PC. Whereever you go, you have access to your bookmarks and web history which saves you time searching endlessly for your favourite websites.
Android. Free.
flipboard.jpg Flipboard
Probably the most beautiful app on the market for your iPad. This dazzling software brings together all your social networking sites and favourite websites and turns them into a live magazine. Keep track of your friends, the news and lifestyle websites and flip through the app as if it were a magazine.  Stunning.
iPad only. Free
magic-sms.jpg Magic SMS
Amaze your friends with the magic app of the year.  Tell your mates that you know of a mind reading psychic who will guess the colour and card that they are thinking of. Now text your psychic friend asking them to test their powers.  Amazingly enough, without touching the phone again, a text will arrive with the correct card and colour!  Easy to use and mind baffling! Move over Derren Brown, I'm now the world's greatest magician!
iPhone only.
viber Viber
Free phone calls using 3G or Wi-Fi.  The app checks to see if you're friends already have the app installed and if they do, rather than use your talk-time allowance, you can call them via Viber for free anywhere in the world. Wifi offers better quality but 3G works well with a good signal.
iPhone/iPad only. Android and Blackberry coming soon.
cover-orange-sml.jpg Cover Orange
A dangerous cloud carrying deadly poison rain is on the move and it's up to you to save the exposed orange population! Highly addictive and suitable for all ages.
iPhone and Android.
RSA app RSA Vision
For over 250 years the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has been a cradle of enlightenment thinking and a force for social progress. Catch up with all the talks and lectures including the RSA/LBC debate.
iPhone and Android.
tiny-wings.jpg Tiny Wings
This one touch flying game is a real time killer! Help your little bird fly and defy gravity in this colourful, best-selling app.
iPhone only.
solar-system-app.jpg Solar System
Go on a grand tour of the solar system, visiting planets, asteroids, space-craft and comets. Beautifully designed and incredibly intuitive with touch screen interaction, it's an exciting way to get kids interested in science and the universe as well being informative for adults too.
iPad only.
scrabble-app.jpg Scrabble
The classic board game looks great on Android and iOS devices. Play against the machine or pass the tablet around as you desperately hope not to get stuck with the Q and Z.
Android and iPhone/Pad
morfo.jpg Morfo
Take a photograph and turn it into talking, dancing, 3D Character!  It can be human, a pet, a toy and within minutes you'll have a fun and crazy movie. You're only restricted by your imagination and the kids will spend hours being endlessly creative.
Windows phone 7 only.

Other Must-have apps

lbc973.jpg LBC 97.3
The iPhone doesn't have an FM radio, but that doesn't mean you have to do without London's Biggest Conversation. Download this free app from iTunes and you’ll be able to listen to LBC wherever you are.
iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry
angry birds Angry Birds
Use slingshots to knock over jenga-like towers. For just 59p, you can a massive 63 levels, which require logic skill and brute force to complete. The most popular app of all time.
plane finder

Plane Finder
Click on the map and it will show you all the planes flying over Britain right now. When you click on one, it will tell you the flight number, along with altitude and speed! A dream for plane anoraks.

brushes app Brushes
David Hockney uses this to create art on his iPhone and iPad. Can you match his creativity?
iPhone/iPad only
memory block Memory Block
Remember the game Simon? This uses a similar idea, just remember the order of the colours and see how many rounds you can go for!
skyscanner Skyscanner
Need a cheap flight fast? This app might help you!
iPhone only

Navfree GPS UK
A free on-board sat-nav with live Google search and auto-rerouting. It's free, so why not try it out?
iPhone (Google Maps available free on Android)

london-cycle-hire-app.jpg London Cycle Hire
A fan of Boris Bikes? Our Gadget Guru is and this is the app he uses to find the nearest point and how many bikes are available.
tripadvisor Tripadvisor
Before you go anywhere, check TripAdvisor. User reports of hotels and attractions around the world.  Cut through the PR hype and find out what real people really think! iPhone/Android