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Monday 29th August 2016
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The iPhone Killers? New mobiles reviewed

As the UK waits to get its hands on the Google Nexus phone, we look at the stiff competition it faces and whether it can get close to being an iPhone killer.

palm prePalm Pre
Looks nice and has a nice weight, but there is one problem that everyone has with it – the keyboard is just too small. You’d need pixie fingers to type on it.

Good: Multi tasking software, colourful clear screen
Poor: Awful keyboard.

nokia n900Nokia N900
I had high hopes for this, as it’s using a new operating system, which is based on Linux. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, with a touchscreen that to make bigger, you have to draw the circle with your finger, which feels strange when you are used to the pinch technology. Plus, it comes with a stylus, which you will lose within 24hours. Why do phones need a stylus nowadays?

Good: Solid build, good screen
Poor: Clunky operating system, battery life, heavy, stylus and keyboard design

iphoneApple iPhone
You know all about this. As soon as you touch it, it just feels nice.

Good: 100,000 + apps (including the free LBC app!), easy to use, well designed case.
Poor: Battery life

Thank you to Carphone Warehouse for lending us the phones.