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Saturday 27th August 2016
Max 25°C | Min 18°C

Psychic asparagus?!

Posted by Steve Allen on January 19, 2012 at 07:12AM

Errrm... I don't think so

Morning team

Another miserable morning with the weather... But good news that the Westminster parking charges have been scrapped. That's all down to you so well done and let's all go to the west end more to celebrate!

Mind you you still can't go anywhere in London - thee's either roadworks or too much traffic, and the congestion charge certainly hasn't helped anything! Best to get on the train I think (and you can listen to people's conversations - see yesterday's show!)

The tax man is looming if you're self assessment, it's a very difficult time for people who are struggling I know - mind you even celebs are feeling the pinch I read in the papers today. I do think you have to be sensible and put money aside if you can because you do know it's coming...
I see there's a new series of Britain's Got (No) Talent out - I challenge you to name any of the acts from last series..? None of us could today!
My Little Bit Extra will be available shortly online
See you tomorrow from 4am