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Monday 29th August 2016
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A horse, a horse! A Kingdom for my Horse!

Posted by Steve Allen on February 04, 2013 at 07:02AM

Will it be Richard III under the Leicester car park.... of course it will be!




Hope youíre well this morning. As you know, I made sure I avoided Twickenham this weekend because of all the rugby so I went over to Essex to see the God Children. This turned out to be a bit of a disaster though! The restaurant we normally go to has closed so what we ended up having wasnít what we wanted.... generally a disappointing meal, but itís always nice to spend time with them and thatís what matters.



Anyway, on the show today I was distressed to read about Gazzaís deteriorating condition. His friends are really worried about him... so worried they are selling the story. I just think the only person who can really help him is himself. And if his friends are so concerned, why arenít they with him all the time and helping him through it. I feel quite bad for Gazza, though, because weíve seen him go through quite a few rough patches and then he seems to clean himself up again, before falling back.



And today we will find out if the skeleton found under a car park in Leicester is, in fact, that of King Richard III. I find this quite exciting, and Iím convinced itís him! It has to be; all the evidence supports the findings and they wouldnít be announcing it at a big press conference if it wasnít him. I just wonder how he ended up under a car park! I mean, honestly... of all the places to find a King of England!



Thatís it from me today Ė as you know, lots of In Conversation With... stuff to day, so I have to dash. Iím back tomorrow at 4am, as normal, so I look forward to joining you then!



TaRa for now!