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Saturday 27th August 2016
Max 25°C | Min 18°C

The LBC Marathon Team

Among the 25,000 runners starting the race at Blackheath on Sunday 26th April will be several of the LBC team.

From newsreaders and reporters to sales and even a Director, a wide range of the LBC workforce will be pounding the streets of London.

But why? We asked them what has inspired them to take up this challenge.

Jay-Louise Knight, Traffic and Travel Reporter

I'm running the marathon for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre. My mum has suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for about 38 years now and I wanted to do something to help others with MS as well as their families. I'm not usually a runner and prefer a glass of wine to any kind of exercise so it has been particularly hard for me to train. My fiance has been my 'coach' as he takes part in Ironman triathlons so knows his stuff. Unfortunately, I managed to get an injury in my knee last week (unbelievably getting out of the car and not whilst training!). I have seen a physio who said the only way I will make it round is a shuffle/hobble, I'll be the one at the back finishing at about 2 days and 12 hours!

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Zoe Ibrahim, LBC Sales

This is my first marathon and I entered the ballot without thinking I would get a place, so was very surprised and nervous when I did! I am running for Asthma UK which affects 5.4 million people in the UK and affected my Dad for many years. I saw how deeply it affects someone’s quality of life, making even the smallest of things hard to do. The past 6 months have been tiring, painful and there have been tears! But this is the most rewarding this I have ever done and doing it for a loved one gives you that extra push to run the 20 mile training run on a gloomy cold day in the early hours of Sunday morning!

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Robin Pembrooke, Director of Interactive
The last time I did a marathon was six years ago when I was about three stone lighter – I’ve lost about a stone this time in training, but still want to shift a bit more weight before race day. My Aunty Doreen, who at 80, is also running and she’s the oldest woman running the race – at half her age, it means I’ve got no excuse for not getting round.  I can’t be complacent though, as a couple of years Doreen beat her own daughter!   We’re raising money for Help a London Child and people can support us below.

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Katie Henderson, Reporter 

I'm running for Help A London Child - which helps provides opportunities to more than 120,000 less advantaged and vulnerable children and young people in London.
The training has been going well so far - it's hurt, A LOT, many times, but there's only the big race to go on Sunday now, and then I can put my feet up, literally!
The high point of my running? The route I take along the river from Putney to Barnes, basically the route of the Boat Race. It's nice and secluded there - in amongst the trees on the banks of the river, and is the perfect place to let your hair down when you're running. No one can see me dancing along to Abba - or doing all the actions to never Forget by Take That. Not sure I'll be able to get away with that next Sunday though - it's one sure-fire way to make sure the tv cameras spot you!
The low point? Surprising not the really long runs I've done... For me it was getting out of bed on a Friday morning at 7am before work - and going for a 5 mile run around Tooting Common. The weather was pretty miserable before I left my lovely warm bed, but by the time I got to the Common it was snowing horizontally into my eyes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sun this weekend.
As well as training 4 times a week since January, there's also been the fundraising to keep me busy. My target was to raise £2000 for Help A London Child. It's a cause that's close to my heart. As a reporter at LBC I've covered many stories about the fantastic and vital work HALC does, and it's a real privelege that they're letting me run for them. The biggest fundraiser I've done so far is hosting a pub quiz, which raised over 450 pounds for my charity. I hosted it with a friend of mine who's also running the marathon. We wrote the questions, came up with a couple of picture rounds, and gathered together some prizes for a tombola. All in all it was a huge success. There was one team that were convinced everyone else was using iPhones to check the answers....And there was controversy from the team that came second, by just one point. They weren't convinced that this was a valid pub quiz question "What's the name of George Clooney's character in ER?" Surely every self-respecting female knows that!!!
The last 4 months have been a roller-coaster of emotions, there have been tears, smiles, sore legs, exhilaration, and determination. Preparing for the marathon has taken over my life since Christmas, but in a good way. It'll be 4 months in my life, that will hopefully change a child's life forever.
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