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Friday 26th August 2016
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The new Macbook Air

macbook airWhat is it?
The new laptop from Apple - wafer-thin and, as with everything from Apple, designed to perfection.

What does it do?
Available in 11" and 13" versions, the new Macbook Air containing flash storage instead of a hard-drive, making it the thinnest laptop yet.

Apple have brought some of the best bits of the iPad, so in comes a multi-touch trackpad that you can pinch and zoom, along with a laser-sharp image on the screen. And with FaceTime, you can now make a free video call to an iPhone, straight from your computer.

What is it like?
Apple’s latest notebook is a remarkable machine.  The 11inch screen model is just 0.68 inches thin tapering down to just 0.11 inches at the front edge. Even more remarkable is the start time. Open the lid and the machine is ready to use in less than two seconds. This is achieved by using solid state hard drives as opposed to the standard spinning disk.  As a result, its snappy, response and, unusually for a notebook features a full size keyboard and a large trackpad with its unique scrolling, pinch, and four finger swipe.  While you’re colleagues wait for their machines to boot, run the security checks and finally get going, you’ll have composed your email, add a photo, sent it and put the machine back to sleep before your workmates have even started.

As with all Mac computers, it comes pre-loaded with the latest operating system and iLife11 which features music production, photo software, web design and the incredible iMovie film editing suite.

It does lack an optical drive. You either have to buy an external drive or use a cd/dvd drive on another machine to wirelessly load software onto the notebook.

Made from a brushed aluminium unibody design, its incredibly sturdy, has stereo speakers (the previous model was money), a built in mic, webcam, mini dv port, 2 USB slots, wifi, and Bluetooth and up to 5 hours wireless productivity and 30 days standby time.

So who is it aimed at? People on the move who want a light but sturdy machine that can cope with word processing, online chat and phone calls, photo editing, and day to day web browsing and email.

If you want a power machine with a large hard-drive that can cope with heavy duty editing and photo manipulation, then this probably isn’t for you - there’s a MacBook for that instead.

From £849

Yet again, Apple set the notebook standard that other makers are struggling to keep up with and this gets a 4 out of 5 star rating from me.