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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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The NHS In London Has A Problem, Admits Clegg

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Nick Clegg has admitted there's a problem with the NHS in London.

The Deputy Prime Minister was responding to a call from Jan in Richmond during his weekly phone in on LBC 97.3.

She's concerned for an ill relative of hers after four A&E units in the capital were downgraded. Charing Cross, Central Middlesex, Hammersmith and Ealing Hospitals will lose their emergency units, and instead have urgent care centres.

Jan told the Liberal Democrat leader: "You should hang your head in shame, Mr Clegg, you and Mr Cameron.

"I will never forgive you for the death sentence your government [has given us] - and do not blame Labour. I have had 11 years of this illness. I know exactly how it's been.

Mr Clegg says the closures are inevitable, telling Nick Ferrari:"We do have a problem in London, I donít think anyone is somehow ducking that. In some parts of London, youíve got hospitals that simply canít pay their way, youíve got other parts of London where some services, A&E and other services just arenít up to scratch.

"The NHS is there not just for today, but for kidney patients and others, for the future as well.

"That does means that unfortunately, we have to ask NHS Trusts and others to take decisions about how there are good A&E and good services now and in the future and that does require sometimes making difficult decisions."