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Sunday 28th August 2016
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The Terror Of 1m Muslims Fleeing IS In Iraq

Friday 22nd August 2014


A journalist told LBC of the horror the civilians in Iraq are experiencing as they flee from the Islamic State terrorists.


Oliver Harvey, chief features writer for The Sun, landed back from Kurdistan last night and joined Nick Ferrari to explain the conditions on the ground in Iraq.

He told LBC that the one thing that will stick with him from his mission was the situation the civilians faced.

He said: "The terror of the people who are fleeing the Islamic State. You wouldn't believe it - they just picked up the belongings they could carry and just ran.

"We're talking about millions of fellow Muslims.

"Seeing the terror in these people's eyes is what is going to stay with me.

"Hundreds of thousands of people are living by the side of a road in camps in this 45 degree heat, living in unsanitary conditions. It's terrible for the refugees."