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Thursday 1st September 2016
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Top Twenty Crimes We All Commit

Speeding promoA new report has been looking into the amount of crimes we all break on a regular basis.

One Poll carried out the research and told the Telegraph that millions of people who think they are law-abiding carry out seven crimes a week.

Julia Hartley-Brewer is asking how many of the top twenty you have committed:

1. Speeding

2. Talking on a mobile/texting while driving

3. Dropping litter

4. Illegally downloading music

5. Cycling on the pavement

6. Eating or drinking while driving

7. Having sex in a public place

8. Parking partly on a pavement

9. Taking drugs

10. Not wearing a seatbelt

11. Having sex under the age of 16

12. Parking on double yellow lines

13. Cycling without lights after dark

14. Not cleaning up dog poo

15. Smoking in a public place

16. Driving through a red light

17. Not having a TV licence

18. Not informing the DVLA of a change of address or name

19. Taking a child out of school for a holiday without the head's permission

20. Carrying an offensive weapon

How many have you committed? Why do you think we don't see doing these things as breaking the law? Have your say below...