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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Tory MP Told To 'Stuff It' After 'Punch In Throat' Tweet

Friday 20th June 2014

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has told a Conservative MP to 'stuff it' after he tried to apologise for writing on Twitter that he would punch her in the throat.

michael fabricant

Former Deputy Chairman of the Tory party Michael Fabricant tweeted this morning that he could never be on a debate with the columnist.

Ms Alibhai-Brown told James O'Brien: "It's extraordinary for an elected MP to think it's OK. I'm still reeling.

"Words matter. This is what a violent husband thinks is ok to do to their wife.

"Is this his apology? Well he can stuff it."

yasmin alibhai brown

Mr Fabricant apologised on Twitter, saying: "Just out of dentist. 1 It appears that some people who don't know me think I actually go round punching "in the throat". Not true.

"If anyone believes I would seriously threaten someone with violence, I of course withdraw and apologise.

"I am afraid I know I would get v angry if I had been on the Ch4 debate last night. Glad it was Rod Liddle and not me!

"Sorry Yasmin Alibhai-Brown if you actually thought I would punch you. I actually don't do that sort of thing. But you are utterly infuriating! xx.

"So just for the avoidance of any doubt: I am v sorry for tweet. It was wrong to joke abt punching + I completely withdraw and apologise."