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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Tower Hamlets To Cash In On Henry Moore Sculpture

Thursday 8th November 2012

A council in East London is defending the decision to sell the Henry Moore sculpture, Draped Seated Woman.

Draped Seated Woman by Henry Moore

It was originally sold to Tower Hamlets with the understanding that it would be kept in London.

The sale has been opposed by from prominent figures in the British art world, including film-maker Danny Boyle and the artist's daughter Mary Moore.

The authority says it needs to make up money lost in budget cuts. 

Olympic Opening Ceremony Director Danny Boyle had been campaigning to keep the statue in Tower Hamlets, saying: "The Moore sculpture defies all prejudice in people's minds about one of London's poorest boroughs.

"That alone makes it priceless to every resident."

The statue - nicknamed Old Flo - had previously been on display at a housing estate in Stepney Green and is estimated to be worth between 5 and 20 million.

Henry Moore - a socialist - sold it to London County Council for a lot less than it was worth in 1957, on the understanding it would be displayed in a public space to enrich the lives of people living in a socially deprived area.

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