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Thursday 25th August 2016
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UKIP's Roger Lord Could Defect To Conservatives

Friday 29th August 2014


UKIP's initial candidate in Clacton has told LBC he could defect to the Conservatives after Douglas Carswell switched to UKIP.

roger lord ukip

Roger Lord told LBC yesterday he was annoyed Nigel Farage hadn't told him in advance that the parties candidate in the constituency would now be Mr Carswell. In fact, he heard it first live on LBC!

Nigel Farage told us that he was willing to offer the neighbouring consituency of Harwich and North Essex.

But speaking to James O'Brien this morning, Roger Lord said he may now fight for the seat as a Conservative in the up-coming by-election.

farage carswell

Asked if he might stand on a non-UKIP ticket, he said: "Well, Douglas Carswell jumped ship, didn't he? We shall see."

James then asked if he'd re-join the Conservative Party, he said: "It's got to be a damned good deal. But it's a possible. We shall see.

"Douglas Carswell still has time to do a deal. I'm a fighter. Douglas Carswell is not a fighter."

When asked the key question about whether the Tories had contacted him, he was suddenly struck by bad phone reception, claiming: "Sorry, you're breaking up due to the wind. Sorry about that, I'll have to hang up now. Take care."