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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Unemployment Falls... But Only If You're White

Thursday 14th May 2014


Unemployment is growing amongst most black and ethnic minorities, despite an overall fall in unemployment.

<a class='autolink' href='/sadiq-khan-124656'>Sadiq Khan</a>

While unemployment among white Britons fell 14.6% in the last year, the number of people out of work in mixed race communities rose 5.4%, by 3.3% in Bangladeshi communities and 4.5% in Black and African Caribbean communities.

Labour's Shadow London Minister Sadiq Khan is unveiling Labour's plans to tackle race inequality in the UK.

In a speech in Tower Hamlets, Mr Khan will say: "We still all continue to face inequality based on the colour of our skin.

"For some, it's the glass ceiling keeping high achievers locked out of the boardroom, judiciary or politics. For others it's the trap of intergenerational poverty, unemployment and low educational achievement.

"For almost all it's the continued discrimination by the police when it comes to the use of stop and search powers.

"15 percent of people from Bangladeshi or Pakistani descent in Britain earn the National Minimum Wage or below, compared to 7.8 percent of white Britons. This is particularly acute in London, where 34 percent of Asian Londoners earn less than the London Living Wage, compared to 15 percent of white Londoners."

Labour's announcement includes plans to increase diversity on company boards and police forces