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Saturday 27th August 2016
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WATCH: Adorable Video Of London Zoo's New Baby Sloth

Friday 23rd May 2014

This is the adorable video of the first baby sloth to be born at London Zoo - much to the surprise of keepers there.

Staff had no idea that mum Marilyn was interested in her potential mate Leander, as sloths can spend up to ten years getting to know each other.

However, while the pair were playing it cool in public, it seems that after hours the "sneaky" sloths hit it off.

The baby two-toed animal is still clinging to its mother - meaning vets have been so far unable to determine its gender.

Zookeeper Tegan McPhail said: "To say we were surprised when Marilyn fell pregnant is something of an understatement - we weren't aware that she'd even been near the male.

"When Leander arrived at the zoo at the end of 2012, he and Marilyn just didn't appear particularly interested in each other, but we knew that with sloths these things can take some time.

"However, with the arrival of the first sloth to be born at ZSL London Zoo, it appears that it was all an act on their behalf and our two very sneaky sloths were getting amorous behind our backs."