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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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WATCH: Are Londoners Good Samaritans On Tube

Tuesday 14th February 2012

After a boy in Manchester was left untouched for 10 minutes after fainting at a train station, Nick Ferrari wanted to know whether Londoners would do the same?

He sent out reporter Declan Harvey with actress Jill Mongey to two different stations - Stratford in East London and South Kensington in West London. Jill would pretend to faint in each and then we would see how commuters would react.

So have Londoners lost their basic humanity - and does upmarket South Kensington have more Good Samaritans than the borough of Newham?

It's not a scientific experiment - and it doesn't prove anything as such - but it provides an interesting look at Londoners.

Watch the video below to find out.

So, are posher areas more polite than more downmarket areas? Tell us what you think in the box below.