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Friday 26th August 2016
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Ed Balls: 'Death Tax' Not Labour Policy

Wednesday 30th July 2014

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has told LBC a so-called "death tax" is not Labour policy - despite the Shadow Health Secretary appearing to support the idea.

Andy Burnham suggested the 15 per cent tax on estates would be the "best way" of funding social care.

Speaking on LBC, Ed Balls said it will not be in Labour's manifesto.

"It was something that Andy and Andrew Lansley talked about to see whether there could be a consensus and it fell apart," he told LBC's Iain Dale. "At our Policy Forum two weeks ago it was not only not concluded it wasn't even raised."

"It's obviously right that we make sure we reform the social care system," he continued. "We want to integrate social care into the National Health Service but the question which you're asking is, is it the policy of Labour to have our death tax, I'll say it a fifth time, it's not our policy."


The Shadow Chancellor was on LBC answering your questions for an hour - watch back in full: