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Sunday 28th August 2016
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WATCH: Harry Hill's Amazing Meeting With Simon Cowell

Monday 13th January 2014

Harry Hill has told the remarkable story of when he met Simon Cowell to tell him about his X Factor parody musical.

The comedian was in the studio with James O'Brien to talk about "I Can't Sing: The X Factor Musical".

And he revealed that meeting the music mogul is a bit like an audience with a Roman Emperor.

He told LBC 97.3: "There is an element of the court of King Simon.

"We got there and they said to us 'Simon is a bit late, he's in traffic'. Then, they'd come back 10 minutes later and they'd say 'Simon's just coming coming down the road. His car is in the road'.

"Then 10 minutes later, it would be 'Simon's car is outside he's coming into the building'.

"'Simon's in the building'. 'Simon's in the lift'. 'Simon's coming through'. 'This is Simon'.

"That is actually a bit that I took from this meeting and put in the musical.

"You kind of think you know him as you think he's not playing a character on TV. But there is an element of a character on TV and he is actually quite funny.

"He's aware of the whole circus of Cowell."

Harry said the parody of the X Factor for his musical was very gentle and both fans of the show and those who don't like it will enjoy his production.

He added: "There are two ways of doing this. You could have a go at it in a doomy way of how it manipulates. Like the gilded cage of doom.

"Or you can do what we're doing, in taking the mickey by over-celebrating it.

"So we've got Simon descending on a cloud and healing a blind man. It's over the top.

"Most of it isn't even about the X Factor, it's just an excuse for some fun."