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Thursday 1st September 2016
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WATCH: James O'Brien - Archery Olympian?

Wednesday 8th August 2012

Like many people who have been in awe of Olympians, James O'Brien thought he would like to join them - and decided that archery could be his undiscovered talent.

After hearing this, Dickin called to invite James down to 20/20 Archery in London Bridge to have a first lesson and test his skills.

This is the latest in James's occasional series of features of "things that don't work on the radio", following birdwatching and trampolining (and this video proves he won't make the Olympics in that sport!).

So how did he get on? Is James a natural archer? Or did he get beaten in a shoot-off with producer Lucy? Find out below.

Of course, however he did, he's not the best LBC presenter with a box and arrow. This is James Whale's effort when he went for an archery lesson from Team GB archers.

James Whale Archery