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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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WATCH: Ken 'Tax Affairs Show I'm Man For London'

Thursday 15th March 2012

Ken Livingstone has told LBC 97.3 that his tax arrangements show he's got what it takes to run London's financial affairs.

The Labour mayoral candidate has been paid for some of his work through a company so he paid corporation tax instead of income tax.

Mr Livingstone told Nick Ferrari that his tax affairs are perfectly legal - and show he is the right man to be elected again as Mayor.

See the video below.

He said: "I'm bound by the tax laws that we've got. I have an offer for the listeners now - I will take out to lunchthe first of your listeners who phones in and is able to demonstrate they've paid more tax than they legally have to.

"Who would vote for a Mayor that pays more tax than they have to? They want you to look after London.

"I've employed three people since I left office. For three years, my wife who typed my autobiography, a good economist who worked out how we can cut fares and a woman to handle my media.

"Andrew Gilligan has been doing all of this - he's always an obsessive about me - saying 'Ken could have paid 50,000 more tax. I could. Or I could use it as I have done to employ two people.

"If every small business in Britain employed another two people,we wouldn't have an unemployment problem. I'm an example of what this government wants - dynamism, energy and entrepreneurial spirit."