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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Sir Martin Sorrell: UKIP Success Will Drive Companies Away

Monday 26th May 2014

Sir Martin Sorrell, The CEO of WPP - the world's largest advertising and communications agency, has told LBC UKIP's success in the European Election will have a damaging effect on the economy.

"Increased uncertainty heightens the likelyhood that investment will not be made," he told LBC's John Stapleton.

"The UK depends of foreign and direct investment, it depends on its trade with the EU, it depends to some extent on its global influence as part of the EU. So all these factors militate, the situation this morning and we'll see more uncertainty because what is it? A third of the EU Parliament will be from minority dissident parties that wish to defenestrate the EU rather than build it.

"So we're going to see a lot of turmoil."

Sir Sorrell also said he believes it could bolster those who are calling for an Independent Scotland.

"I think probably these results will encourage Scottish separatists and Scottish independent parties, or party, in a stronger way.

"It increases levels of uncertainty at a time when we do have significant uncertainty and will drive companies, car companies, auto mobile companies, industrial companies, banks, it will drive them away as well."

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