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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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We Shouldn't Fear Leaving EU, Insists Boris

Wednesday 6th August 2014

London Mayor Boris Johnson will say this morning leaving the European Union is an attractive option unless reform can be secured.

He will back an eight-point plan for reforming the EU, going significantly beyond the goals set out by David Cameron.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari yesterday, Mr Johnson said: "There are all sorts of viable futures for this country. There is a great and glorious future for Britain in Europe if we can reform it.

"But there might also be a great and glorious future and Im sure there is a great and glorious future for Britain as an open, outward looking economy that has great trading relations with Europe, but that starts to think about the rest of the world where you are seeing huge growth.

"People should not be paranoid and scared about that option. There is a lot of apprehension."

Asked about the government's failure to reduce net migration, he said: "The Prime Minister's on the right track, but it makes no sense as long as you have a system which forbids you from controlling the numbers coming in from 28 countries.

"I'm pro-immigration. But what we need is a much better system. That was a complete cock-up by the previous government.

"London is like the America of the European Union. You look at the composition, you look at the way the economy works, it's a place of massive opportunity.

"And in America, they have very serious immigration controls and they say yes you can come in, but you've got to pass this, this and this test before you can get a green card. I've got no particular problem with that.

"I want managed immigration. I want checks."