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Saturday 27th August 2016
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What are the yellow shapes on road signs?


On the motorway, when you see the sign for the next exit, occassionally you see a yellow shape on the sign. What do they mean?

Sally, Orpington


** Definitive **
Name: Colin, Chelsea
Qualification: Professional driver
Answer: At one point, before you see one of those signs, there will be a sign saying: "For so and so, follow this sign". It's for a destination, place of interest or event, something that isn't permanent. Some are also used for diversions.

** Even more definitive **
Name: Jeff, Billericay
Qualification: I know the answer!
Answer: The signs are generally on trunk roads, like dual carriageways and A roads. They are signalling a preferential route for a certain type of driving. For example, in the West Country, they don't want caravans on the side roads, so they direct people to the main roads. The triangle will be next to Truro at the beginning and from then on, whenever you see the triangle, you know that it's going to Truro.