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Sunday 28th August 2016
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What does F.A.B. stand for in Thunderbirds?

thunderbirds.jpgMystery Hour Question

In Thunderbirds, what does F.A.B stand for?
Tim, Wimbledon


** Self-Definitive **
Name: James OíBrien
Qualification: Iíve interviewed Gerry Anderson
Answer: The creator of Thunderbirds told in an interview that it didnít mean a thing. He just made it up.

** Definitive **
Name: Derek, Maida Vale
Qualification: Huge Thunderbirds fan
Answer: I used to collect all Thunderbirds comic books and in one issue only, FAB stood For Always Brothers. I once won a competition in Smash Hits magazine with this very answer!
(James OíBrien: But your comic probably wasnít written by Gerry Anderson)

Name: David, Chelmsford
Qualification: Overheard it from Gerry Andersonís son on a plane journey
Answer: It means Fully Audible Broadcast.
(James OíBrien: Iím not buying it. Iíve got it from the horseís mouth!)

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