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Saturday 27th August 2016
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What does the "2nd Lord's Cricket" plaque mean?


Every time I drive past Lord’s Cricket Ground, 500m down the road there is a plaque saying “Here stood the Second Lord’s Cricket Ground”. What was that?
Guy, Croydon


Name: Harry, St John’s Wood
Answer: Lord’s is not the first Lord’s, it’s the second. The first one was in Dorset Square, which is about 500 yards south of the original and was set up by Mr Lord to play cricket in the square.
(James O’Brien: But the plaque says it’s where the second Lord’s stood? So is the current one the third one? You’ve only made this more confusing!)

** Definitive **
Name: John, Hemel Hempstead
Answer: Lord’s was set up by Mr Thomas Lord at the top of Pentonville Road, near Angel. Dorset Square is number two and the current Lord’s is number three.