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Saturday 27th August 2016
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What happens to titanium joints when people die?


titanium kneeMy father-in-law had a titanium knee replacement. What will happen to it when he dies? Is there a market for second-hand titanium?
Andy, Staines
(James O'Brien: So what you're asking is - when your wife's father dies, how much can you get for his knee? It will cost an arm and a leg!)


** Definitive **
Name: Julie
Qualification: 27 years as an undertaker
Answer: Anything that can't burn at the crematorium goes into a consecrated piece of land in the crematorium after the funeral. The family are just given the ashes from the bones

Name: Les, Blackheath
Qualification: My dad had two titanium hips and two titanium knees
Answer: They took the titanium out before they buried him. They sent it to be recycled by the crematorium for money.
(James O'Brien: But if you've paid for the titanium knee, why would the crematorium own it?)

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