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Friday 26th August 2016
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What is chewing gum made of?


Is chewing gum actually made of plastic, or is it organic gum?
Maggie, Newick


** Definitive **
Name: Tilo, Kentish Town
Qualification: Iím a chewing gum chewer
Answer: Gum is mainly natural, having been invented in South America, originally called chicla. In Greece, there is an island which creates natural chewing gum from a tree called mastic gum.  Hydrogenated vegetable fat would only be used for cheap chewing gum. Itís never made of plastic. And it doesnít kill you if you swallow it.

Name: Matt, Leatherhead
Qualification: I can chew
Answer: Itís made of hydrogenated vegetable fat Ė the stuff they used to put in biscuits, before it was stopped.