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Thursday 1st September 2016
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What is the difference between shower gel and shampoo?


What is the difference between shower gel, bubble bath, soap or shampoo? Surely they’re all just detergents?
Nikki, Ashford


** Definitive **
Name: Professor Hal, Brighton
Qualification: Mystery Hour’s winningest caller
Answer: They are more or less the same – their main constituent is water, with the second highest ingredient is Sodium dodecyl sulfate, which is the detergent bit. In an emergency, you could wash your hair with washing-up liquid. The difference between a £5 bottle of shampoo and a 49p bottle of washing-up liquid is fairly minimal. The shampoo will have pearling agents and perfumes in to make it look more silky. In the Professor Hal household, we just buy one giant shower gel and use that for shampoo, soap and bubble bath.