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Sunday 28th August 2016
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What will this period of history be known as?


My 10-year-old asked me this question: What period will this be known as? There is an Elizabethan age already, so what will we be now?
Mike, Wokingham


Name: Richard, Marlow
Qualification: Guesswork!
Answer: The current age will probably be known as the Second Elizabethan age. But what happens when Prince Charles becomes King? Will it be known as the Age Of The Charlies.

Name: Gavin, Chatham
Qualification: More guesswork!
Answer: Over the years, history is moving away from the Monarch and the Church and going back to items invented. Therefore, I believe the current period will be known as the nuclear age.
(James O’Brien: This question is only about the UK, whereas your option is more global.)