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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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What's the highest a bird can fly?


geeseWhat's the highest a bird can fly? And which bird can fly the highest?
Joan, Bromley


** Definitive **
Name: Tony, Heathrow
Qualification: Aviation enthusiast, interested in bird strikes in engine failures.
Answer: Geese are the highest flying birds, especially Canada Geese. The average Canada Goose can fly at around 9,000-10,000 feet. But they have been seen at around 35,000 feet - that's higher than some planes. They can fly up to 1,000 miles per day.  

** Stewards Enquiry **
Name: Mike, Ascot
Qualification: Avid viewer of Attenborough shows
Answer: A couple of years ago, a show was discussing a crane which lives in the water lands in China and ever year it migrates across the Himalayas down to the basin and they had plane following the flocks of cranes, flying at heights in excess of Mount Everest at around 30,000 feet.