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Friday 26th August 2016
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Where is Ham in between East and West Ham?


You’ve got West Ham and you’ve got East Ham, so what is Ham? What are they West and East of?
Nick, The Angel


** Definitive **
Name: John, Lewisham
Qualification: I live in Forest Hill – in the middle of the borough.
Answer: It’s because they are in the Borough of Newham – New Ham. They are the East of Newham and the West of Newham. Simple as that.

Name: Kevin, Stockwell
Qualification: I live in East Ham
Answer: Any placename that ends with Ham used to be a hamlet or village. So it would be the West part of the hamlet and the East part of the hamlet.
(James O’Brien: No, it would have been a hamlet east or west of something. You haven’t answered the question.)

Name: Peter, Penge
Qualification: I lived in West Ham and went to school in East Ham
Answer: They derive from the village of Ham. Ham was split into two – the East and West versions.
(James O’Brien: So what happened to Ham? There is Plaistow in the middle of them. Why not East Plaistow and West Plaistow?)