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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Who Help a London Child Helps

Here are the stories of just some of the organisations who have benefited from Help a London Child funding.

London's Young Carers

Barnet-Young-CarersDid you know that in London alone there are more than 22,000 children and teenagers who are young carers?!  Under 18 years of age and often as young as 7 or 8, they miss out on the kind of childhood their friends experience to look after an ill or disabled relative.

These young people take on a wide range of caring responsibilities helping a parent, sibling or other family member, and also doing household chores such as cleaning and cooking.

Help a London Child is currently funding a number of young carers groups across the capital, from Barking to Merton, and Barnet to Lewisham. The groups support these special children by providing clubs and activities where they can forget the pressures of their caring responsibilities for a few hours and BE children.

Barnet Young Carers and Siblings (BYCAS) is part of Barnet Carers Centre and they support young carers between the ages of 5-17 years old.

“I don’t have time after school. I’ve never been ice skating in my life and the first time I went to the cinema was when I was 11.’’ Young carer, aged 13 years who look after her dad who has a mental health illness

This young carer has had the opportunity to go on her first ice skating trip as well as attend supportive teenage outings funded through LBC's Help a London Child.

BYCAS said: "Our Help a London Child grant last year has helped enable us to have positive and engaging outings for teenage young carers.  These outings have been beneficial for our young carers and siblings to have a fun break from often heavy caring responsibilities at home and over the last few years the continued support from Help a London Child has facilitated friendships to grow and support systems to manifest amongst the teenagers. This has been a very positive outcome as young carers are a group which are prone to bullying and social isolation."

If you are a young carer or know someone who is, you can find more information and advice at


London’s Adventure Playgrounds

Across our capital there are more than 80 adventure playgrounds, with most being in inner city areas. These playgrounds give children who are often living in flats or overcrowded accommodation the space and opportunity to play. Playgrounds are normally free and in addition to children playing on the structures, they also provide a range of activities after school, at weekend and during the school holidays. There also have an indoor space where children can do their homework, or join a club. During the holidays outings are sometimes organised, giving children, many from low income families, the chance to visit places or try an outdoor activity.

Somerford Grove Adventure Playground - Northumberland Park, Tottenham

The project has been granted £1,321 to go on outings in London with children and young people during the Easter and Summer holidays.

The playground is a free drop in project for local children aged 5- 15yrs to play and meet friends. They offer opportunities for adventurous and outdoor play, building dens, making campfires cooking and lots of arts and crafts.

"Northumberland Park is not a wealthy area and many of our children’s parents are under pressure to pay for basic living needs. In order to be inclusive we heavily subsidise any outings so that no child will be excluded because of lack of money, most of our outings are free. This means that we do not usually go places that cost a lot of money.  London is an amazing city with so many wonderful places to go and yet many young people living in Tottenham have never visited these places in their own town!"

Children's Hospices

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to be told their child will die before them. But for an estimated 20,000 families across the UK, this is a reality.

Children’s hospice services help children and families in these situations with the emotional and physical challenges they face, helping them to make the most of life. They welcome the whole family for a break in a home-from-home environment or in the comfort of their own home (Children’s Hospices UK)

Help a London Child has helped fund play and sensory equipment, and provide support services to children and their families using London’s children’s hospices, since the first, Richard House in Beckton, opened in 2000.

In 2009, we unveiled the new wing at Shooting Star Children's Hospice, which Help a London Child helped to fund during the 2007 Christmas Appeal.

"On behalf of the children, young people and the families we support, a huge thank you for everything. The Cosmos Therapy Zone, including the Family Therapies Room, will benefit so many for years to come."

More information on how to apply for a grant