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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Who is Bob and whose uncle is he?


“Bob’s your uncle”: Who is Bob and whose uncle is he?
Ann, Forest Hill


** Definitive **
Name: Jay, Crouch End
Qualification: History buff
Answer: The other answer was wrong. The Marquis of Salisbury, whose name was Robert Cecil, was Prime Minister and he was succeeded by Arthur Balfour, who was his nephew, so when he did so, it was alleged that he was able to succeed due to his Uncle Bob. So Bob’s Your Uncle.

Name: Praed, Birmingham
Qualification: I was told by my great-uncle, who was a teacher during the days of the Raj
Answer: Bob was a colonel in the British Army and he looked after his troops very well. So they called him Uncle Bob.
(James O’Brien: Almost certainly true, but you haven’t given us a name, so no round of applause.)

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