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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Why are dart boards numbered like that?


On a dartboard, why are the numbers set out the way they are set out?
John, Enfield


** Definitive **
Name: Paul, Bromley
Qualification: Ive got a book on the mathematics of sport
Answer: It was invented by a carpenter in Bury in 1896 called Brian Gamlin. If you go around the dart board adding up the differences between adjacent numbers 20 and 1 for example it would come to 198. The highest possible it could come to is 200, but its well organised to reduce the chance of a lucky shot.

Name: David, Chalfont St Peter
Qualification: Likes darts
Answer: It's to penalise inaccuracy. You throw towards the high numbers and if you miss it, you get a low number.
(James O'Brien - not accurate enough to go definitive. Why isn't 20 bordered by 1 and 2? Was a mathematical formula used to place the numbers?)

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