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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Why are dead people buried six feet under?


Why do we bury our dead six foot down in this country? Why is that particular depth used? Is it the same around the world?
Glenn, Romford


** Definitive **
Name: Chris, Cobham
Qualification: In the funeral business
Answer: Burial is a very expensive option compared to cremation. Six foot is known as “double-depth”, as another family member can be buried on the same plot on top of the coffin. In older times, the grave had to be as deep as the coffin was long.

** More definitive **
Name: Lee, Bermondsey
Qualification: I do a lot of metal detecting
Answer: Back in plague times, when they needed to find more places for graves, so they used to go out to fields in the countryside. They needed to bury the bodies at a depth of six feet, as any less and the ploughs would dig them back up again.