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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Why are golf courses 18 holes?


golf.jpgWhy are golf courses 18 holes long?
Steve, Haroldwood


** Definitive **
Darren, Bognor
Used to work at Chichester golf club
In the 1800s, St Andrews had 22 holes. The R&A, the governing body, decided to shorten it to 18 holes. And because St Andrews was the home of golf, the Americans and everyone else decided to follow. It's rumoured that there are 18 shots in a bottle of scotch, so that's why they chose it.

Name: Richard, Heathrow
Qualification: Read a book about the history of golf.
Answer: When they were being built originally, it was decided that no one would want to play more than 18 holes.
(James O'Brien: So did they discuss whether to make it 17 or 19, but then settled on 18? Nonsense!)

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