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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Why Are Scaffolding Poles Circular?


Why is scaffolding round not square? Everything else - bricks etc - have square edges, why not scaffolding?
Kevin, Biggins Hill

James: because circles are stronger - there is no point of pressure.

Kevin: it would be nice to hear it from a structural engineer


Name: Darren, Harrow
Qualification: Built a model bridge as part of a school project when a child.
Answer: They hold more force when round, even under bridges the pillars are round as they are stronger.
(James: He wanted a structural engineer and you worked it out in school!)

Name: Mark, Croydon
Answer: Round so you can put a scaffold clip on it and pull it tight. It it was square it wouldn't tighten itself around a tube.

James: what came first the poles or the clips? It would be the poles.

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