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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Why are we hot at 27 degrees when our body temp is 37?


I’ve just bought a wood-burning stove and the temperature of my living room is often 27 degrees. Why does that feel hot, when my body temperature is 36.5 degrees? Shouldn’t I feel cold?
Ian, Guildford


** Definitive **
Name: Ian, Beckenham
Qualification: Got cold hands
Answer: The internal body temperature is known as homeostasis. The maintenance of it is there to ensure we get the best out of the equations that make our body work.  It’s controlled by an organ called the hypothalamus, completely independently of the temperature outside of us.  It’s your core body temperature and the body fights to maintain that every minute of every day. You have sensors in the skin, which helps you realise when things are too hot or too cold for you and acts as a warning.

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