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Friday 26th August 2016
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Why canít we remember being babies?


Why canít we remember being babies? Iíve got an eight-month-old baby and I wonder whatís going on in her head!
Emma, Buckinghamshire


** Definitive **
Name: Professor Hal
Qualification: Mystery Hour superhero
Answer:  Itís a matter of development. Babies are like computers with a very simple operating system. They have no data, just an operating system that allows them to breathe, grip, suck and cry. The ability to lay down fact in their brains is a learned ability, the same as walking, problem-solving and so-forth. Thatís why young babies canít get bored Ė as theyíve got nothing to get bored about, no frame of reference. Memories start with learned behaviour, like when a baby cries and gets milk, they learn that if they cry again, they will get milk.

Name: Colin, Shirley
Qualification: Research for a movie Iím writing
Answer: We can remember, but we donít always have the ability to access all those memories. The brain is an amazing sponge and it can remember anything we see, hear, taste and feel throughout the whole of your life.
(James OíBrien: Itís obvious that itís related to the brain. But why? You donít know thatÖ)

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